Super Theft Auto A work-in-progress mini BGE game within a game

(Click to focus if game unresponsive)
Burster 1.6.0 installer required for Burster 1.5.6 (top of the installer page ~26mb download)
-If browser doesnt prompt to install Burster plugin, go [here]-
Direct download (Windows 32/64bit) [link]
CONTROLS - v0.7a

W-A-S-D Move in-game (control the minigame player)
Left/Right Keys Rotate camera in 3D world
Space Zoom in on screen (toggle)
R Restart
E Shoot gun (if you have ammo)
X SSAO (shader) test in main scene only
P Super Epic Pixel Shader (test in main scene only)

Changelog v0.7a (last updated 29/11/2012) [previous version(s) changelog]

Many changes to pedestrians, smarter AI - will stay off the road unless scared
Pedestrians get scared and run away when shot
Additional blood effects - pedestrians bleed when shot and leave a blood-pool when dead
Pedestrian sprite animation changes speed relative to walking or running + fixed missing frame(s) from player and pedestrian sprite sheet
Randomized pedestrian spawns (some variation in colour & basic stats are randomized on spawn)
City-wide pedestrian spawing system, there will always be people around! Soon to be upgraded to handle dynamic spawning of vehicles as well
Cars now have a basic (and unoptimised/buggy) auto-navigation system
Cars will turn around corners and navigate intersections, as well as slowing down for people and other cars (most of the time)
Cars wont kill you on conact anymore, they only do damage when travelling fast

Want the template .blend file?
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Game created by Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) for the CharityGameJam miniLD event (nov2012)
Music by Christiaan Bakker (AniCator)
Special thanks to Alpha testers (Ben/Ryan/Christiaan)
Solar Lune (feedback and sprite control module stuff)
AniCator (for making the retro tunes)
McFunkyPants (and all other event organizers!)